Werewolf is a 2D side-scrolling action-platformer game created by SnowLeopardShark.

Plot Edit

Your village has elected a new mayor, and once they take office the pack's days will be numbered. Desperate, the son of the head werewolf turns to you, their closest friend, revealing the fact that they are a werewolf. After this stunning revelation, they transform you into a werewolf, asking you to help the pack take over the village.

If you can turn enough people into werewolves, any attempts by the new mayor to rid the village of werewolves will be met with tremendous resistance. Time is running out, but you have an advantage. The pack has access to a portal that leads through the spirit realm to any location nearby. Using this, it will be easy to make it teleport into the homes of your neighbors, turn them into werewolves, and make it back. Or, it would be easy, if not for the dangerous creatures that inhabit the spirit realm and the fact that you can only use the portal for one round-trip per day.

It will be difficult, but through perseverance and strategy, they may be a future for the pack.

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