I rebuilt Shovel Knight so I could give him a gun

I rebuilt Shovel Knight so I could give him a gun

Fanmade - Shovel Knight Pixel Game Maker MV. Build 5 Edit

- What is this? -

This is a fan made, NON-PROFIT, project created by RamZ, built in the Pixel Game Maker MV engine, to learn to use said engine. It is a RE-CREATION of the first level of the original Shovel Knight, no source code was used in making this.  It is almost a 1:1 recreation, with some differences mainly due to engine limitations (and my own lack of skill/laziness)

- What is in this? - The first level of Shovel Knight, the Plains of Passage. There is no overworld or additional levels. There is also a joke area created using assets from the original Super Mario Bros. The Flare Wand. A gun.

List of main differences and known bugs are in the READ_ME file in the download.

- Credits -

All Shovel Knight assets, including art and sound, credit to Yacht Club Games. Mario assets credit to Nintendo. Explosion caused by the gun is from Metal Slug.  Shovel Knight art with a gun, the gun itself, and Black Knight twerking were fan made by RamZ (me).  Sound assets for the gun are created with Chiptone.

The text feature for dialogue was made possible via Joe's (@Joewithoutme) plugin. The Maker community for helping answer my many questions over the past 2 years.

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