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This game is a management simulator taking place in a town where monster girls started to move in!

Enter Minoru, a man who lived his life as a failure. One day, he finds himself in charge of an apartment built under his missing grandfather’s name. But that comes at a price: he also must pay back a very large loan his grandfather took, or else... As Minoru, you decide how to pay back the loan while... - Working jobs in town - Meeting the monster girls mentioned earlier in this post - Seeing what the world (okay, more like a city) has to offer

Key Features: - Mountains and beaches to explore - Monster girls - Managing your time and debt - Monster girls - Lots of items to be found by means such as foraging - The fear of living in a cardboard box! - Did we mention this game has monster girls? Because we're SilumanSoft, dangit!

In progress or planned: - Getting girls to live with you, because you’re that much of a charmer - Having said girls take on jobs, helping you pay back the debt - Item-crafting, because what grandchild of a mad scientist can’t do that? - Various quests that flesh out the characters and setting - Romantic endings with... well, take a guess~. - Dating system

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