Floral City Summer '98 Edit

"Summer's here, and the time is right for racing in the street" - Boss's hymn

We still visit, jacking into the AstralNet and riding back over 100 years to the time when the Midnight Haze started spilling out into the world. The Urth is a strange place nowadays to people from back then.

The year is 2098. It's been 99 years since the Midnight Haze started being noticed in any real way. We live in it now. The AstralNet provides the citizens of Floral City with a wealth of emotional, scientific, and observational memories back through the ages. They're always fine-tuning it to get more accurate reads farther and farther back. Some might say it's magic or God. The ancient people called it the Akashic Field.

Anyway, I'm out for a drive as least once this summer. If I screw up, my car is toast. It's a custom Fonda Mk III, not a gunship. I'm really proud of it, but there's no way to defend against bad dudes or obstacles other than maneuvering. This course is pretty tough, so I'll need to use my head. If I get to the end, I can score 700 points in addition to what I get along the way. The trouble is getting there.

Floral City Summer '98 is a cyberpunk dodge 'em up, currently in beta featuring musick by ☆彡DragonCentury99 and hardcore racing/dodging action.

The goal is to collect stars and Peep figures on your way from one building to another. The main goal is to get there in one piece. If you can make the trip, your legend will increase all across the AstralNet. Otherwise, you'll need to spend all year fixing up your car in preparations to try again next summer.

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