Dragon Acres is a simulation-adventure game created by Wyldfire Games.

This game was announced in late 2019 using RPG Maker MV as its development platform. Following the discovery of Pixel Game Maker MV, Wyldfire Games decided to start the rest of the games' development in this amazing new engine. The demo of the game was released for the Pixel Game Maker Development Challenge on March 30.

Plot Edit

If you had the chance to leave everything behind... Everything you know... To explore a new world... And start a new life... Would you do it? And could you do it?

Welcome to YOUR OWN Dragon Acres! Dragon Acres is a casual farming RPG with a unique twist! The Dragon's you raise are a sign of good luck in the Dragon Isles. They are helpful little companions who have a mysterious connection to nature.

These adorable dragons have a unique effect on the crops on the lands of their Dragon Masters, making them a powerful asset to have on your farm.

Meet fun and quirky characters with unique personalities with interesting and fun dialogue!

Explore a captivating new world with a story you can complete in your own time. The Acres are yours to explore!

These are just some of the characters you will meet!

Screen Name Description
Crawford Crawford The burly mountain area researcher!
Zaine Zaine The laid back beach area researcher!
Hilda Hilda The mystic like forest area researcher!

NOTE: Dragon Acres was created in about 1 month for the Pixel Game Maker MV for the PGMMV Development Challenge. It features NEARLY ALL original artwork by various talented artists and a soundtrack composed by Alessio Ruscelli.

Dragon Acres Soundtrack Preview:


- Seasons!

- More Dragons and Possible Dragon Breeding!

- Dragon habitat customization!

- Items and Item Qualities!

- Combat!

- Mining (with randomly generated dungeons)!

- A more non-linear (Player Choices Driven)  story approach!

- And Much More!

Kickstarter : Edit

The project had an initial kickstarter goal of achieving 500$ of fan funding in 30 days via kickstarter. That resulted as a resounding success, with the overall funding being 1.103$, backed by 59 backers . It succesfully accomplished the stretch goals after the initial goal was reached . Kickstarter also advertised Dragon Acres as a "Project We Love" . The funding period started by November 6th 2019 and ended December 6th 2019 .

Dragon Acres Kickstarter Page :

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