Episode 1 - Intro to Pixel Game Maker MV

Episode 1 - Intro to Pixel Game Maker MV

This is a BASIC tutorial series for Pixel Game Maker MV (PGMMV). It's to help bridge the learning curve for those coming from the RPGMaker engines (or any engine), as there are many differences in setting up basic things, like movement or simple actions. This is also a very basic "top down" tutorial for a zeldalike as there really are none available. Pixel Game Maker MV is a fun engine and I hope you give it a shot! This first video shows how to create a project and what resources are available for the community!

Full Playlist:

Intro to Pixel Game Maker MV

Adding Resources and Creating Scenes

Animation Basics

Objects and Movement Basics

Player Collisions

Tile Colliders and Scene Layers

Player Attack Animation/Detection

Add and Destroy Pots

Smooth Camera

Changing Opacity Behind Objects

Animating Tiles

Life Pickups Using Particles

Refactor - Pickups (FoV) / Sequence for Overlaps / Player Group

Refactoring Player Walk

Shooting Projectiles/Bullets

Common Actions

Making an Enemy / Field of Vision

Hit Enemy with Bullets / Multiple Field of Visions

Using Action Shortcuts

Create NPC / Show Text

Enemy HP Guage / Screen Shake

Playtest Debug Menu

Exporting and Importing Objects

Generating Objects (Bombs)

While this series ended, I may add a couple more tutorials for making a menu to complete the game loop!

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